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Pigments for agriculture

Learn more about our comprehensive pigment portfolio for the agricultural market. As an innovative partner, we offer more than products; we care about your special needs and are glad to help you with tailor-made products and solutions.

Pflanzenschutz der Zukunft / The future of crop protection

Benefit from easy handling and low dusting with EPA-approved colorants for seed treatment. Our liquid pigment preparations and stir-in granules offer a high formulation latitude, stable storage properties and infinite color blends. Create solutions that are fully EPA 40 CFR 180.920 compliant in applications such as seed coating and seed dressing as well as for coloration of fertilizer and non-crop.

Add sophistication and differentiation to your products with our sustainably sourced mica pigments that create an exceptional luster to increase the value of your seeds. Our mica-based pigments are suitable for seed coating, seed dressing and powder finishing. All mica is sourced from our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, GA, USA, where environmental protection is a top priority.