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Colors & Effects

Pigments for cosmetics

Create vibrant looks from matte to high sparkle, with our broad portfolio of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetic and personal care products. The range presents an extensive variety of white pigments, colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural-looking, shiny, and metallic shades. In addition to heightening the visual appeal of formulations, our effect pigments can also benefit performance, such as color correction and enhanced skin feel.

Trends and topics


Cosmetic Color Trends 2021/22: Unleash your Raw Instincts

For the 2021-22 seasons, we focus on restoring our balance as human beings through two trends that tell a story of empowerment. Source encourages us to harmonize with nature, while Beast supports a release of our inner animal.

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA [TEASER]
Cosmetics, Coatings, Plastics

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing in Hartwell, Georgia, USA

Discover natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Our experienced employees will guide you through our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.

Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/2021 – Time to break free

Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/21: Time to break free

For the 2020-21 seasons, we embraced two trends with anti-anxiety effects. Incognito invites consumers to take things in their own hand, while Bliss is all about positivity and self-indulgence.

Featured products

Pinks not dead!

Pink's not dead! Chione™ Electric Fuchsia revives the spirit of pink

The spirit of the 80s is back in focus. Cosmetic trends of 2019 celebrate fearless individuality, non-conformism, and a conscious lifestyle. Revive the sprit of pink with a bold make-up statement and strong personality. Explore our new vegan effect pigment Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D.

Effect pigments for cosmetics and personal care

Discover effect pigments that are suitable to your specific requirements. Create appealing applications for hair, eye, lip, face and body, nail, and oral care.

Mica-based pigments

Cellini®, Cloisonné®, Duocrome®, Flamenco®, Gemtone®, Timica®, and MultiReflections™

Boost color, texture, and sparkle with natural mica-based pigments that can be used for various cosmetic applications.

Our sustainably sourced mica is coated with titanium or iron to create white, interference, and metallic effects. Aditionallys we use inorganic and organic pigments like chrome oxide, iron oxides ferric ferrocyanide (iron blue), carmine, and D&C/FD&C colors to create absorption and complex color travel effects.

Synthetic mica pigments

Chione™ White Pearl, Chione™ HD Interference, Chione™ Metallic

Achieve bright, clean colors that combine the best of high chroma and high purity for a flawless, even-toned appearance of makeup. Aditionally add a sparkling, luxurious and rich look to all color and personal care products.

Our synthetic mica-based and metal oxides coated pigments are an ideal choice for use in products where bold pearlescent and iridescent effects are desired.

Borosilicate-based interference pigments

Reflecks™, Reflecks™ Dimensions, and Reflecks™ MultiDimensions

Achieve striking chromatic appearance with dramatic color shift at different agles of illumination. Our borosilicate-based interference pigments deliver enhanced color purity, brightness, transparency, and reflectivity in your applications.

Our calcium sodium borosilicate platelets are coated with metal oxides such as titanium (TiO2) dioxide and silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Bismuth oxychloride-based pigments

Mearlite®, Pearl-Glo®, and Chroma-Lite®

Create smooth and continious shimmer from soft matte to satiny in a wide range of colors.  

Platelets of bismuth oxychloride crystal are precipitated from a solution. Each grade has its own size, shape, and thickness. Our pigment range combines bismuth oxychloride with mica and additional colorants.

Specialty performance minerals

Biju®, Mearlmica®, Chione™ M-SVA, and Bi-Lite®

Specialty performance minerals are a family of mineral products that give balance and consistency to certain types of cosmetic formulations while remaining optically neutral. They also provide enhanced texture, especially in powder applications.

Markets we serve

Color cosmetics (teaser)

Color cosmetics

Aligned with today’s hot market trends, our effect, pure hue, and intense color pigments offer countless styling options for people to truly express themselves as individuals. Delivering extraordinary shine and sparkle as well as unrivaled color spaces, clean shades, and significantly higher chroma, our effect pigments can be combined with each other and different colors to create a genuinely unique look.

Skin care (teaser)

Skin care

Making people naturally beautiful. From milenial to senior, we want to feel like our best selves, which is often reflected in our appearance through healthy-looking skin and a natural glow. From a luxurious shimmering effect in cremes and masks to a smooth and soft texture in makeup our organic and inorganic pigments enrich the sensorial experience of skin care products. 


Personal care

Personal care

Add a whole new dimension to your personal care formulations with pigments that turn a product promise into a real creation. Transform ordinary shower gels and shampoos into attractive and innovative solutions or develop discerning products in oral, hair, and body care. Our effect pigments enhance your products with the seamless interplay of appearance, feel, and scent.