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Time to break free

with Pantone Color Institute™

Quickly evolving societies and accelerated competition create moments of restlessness and angst. Career goals, political instability, and the increasing cost of life contribute to anxiety. We feel the need to find moments of tranquility and peace – to break free from everyday pressure.

Introducing the trends for 2020/21

For 2020/21 two seasonal trends embrace freedom and empower rebellion. Incognito for Fall/Winter 2020/21 urges choices based on free will, and a “no regrets” attitude. While Bliss for Spring/Summer 2021 offers playfulness and euphoria to indulge in “me time.”

Incognito – Fall/Winter 2020/21

Discover Incognito – the trend that invites consumers to take things into their own hands and to fight for equality in all areas. The cool and neutral color range offers the perfect canvas for metallic effects and is basis for premium formulations.

Cosmetic Color Trend Spring Summer 2021 – Bliss

Bliss – Spring/Summer 2021

Go with Bliss – the trend that is all about positivity and self-indulgence. Sparkling textures and sunny colors create a cheery mood, while multi-functional formulations invite play and expression.