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Safe, reliable, and brilliant performance for demanding plastic coloration

A new color collection for plastic designs has been created by Pantone® and brought to life by Colors & Effects®

Overcome limitations. Address trends. Innovate.

Our lastest innovations come to life in a customized Color Collection created by Pantone®. Comprised of three palettes of seven colors each, the collection will highlight current consumer trends and address how pigments can meet the plastic industry's versatile colorant requirements. Featuring our star pigments, we highlight safe, reliable, and brilliant performance to support you in creating smarter plastic designs.


Benefit from our long-term experience in pigments that reach the highest purity levels in sensitive applications.



Rely on pigments that comply with complex technological requirements, enabling highest durability and process stability in demanding plastics.




Boost the appearance of your plastics with effect pigments that reach for more sparkle and brilliance.


The “Ethereal Elements” palette is realized in both depth of color and motion with durable pigments and brilliant effects. It is inspired by the briny deep to the outermost stretches of the galaxy, where we find a soothing, calm and serene palette of blues. Featuring Paliogen® Blue K 6500 and Sicopal® Turquoise K 8215, the palette demonstrates highly chromatic and sparkling shades. ​

The “Healthy Living” color palette pays tribute to the interconnection of humanity with the environment. Warm and vitalizing shades are brought to life with pigment innovations that contribute to consumers’ health and safety in sensitive applications for the food and toy industries. The featured effect pigments, Lumina® Royal Russet and Lumina® Royal Amber, enable vibrant, high-chroma shades with strong sparkle, along with broad, global food compliance standards.​

“Transformation” is a muted color palette for our modern everyday world. While the shades connect us with the past, the palette still requires adaptation to the needs of our present and future. Consumers’ requests for responsible products have become a new commercial reality. Designers now must procure materials considering long-term application and pro-environmental reuses. Fulfilling these needs, the palette features pigments with the highest durability and process stability to make products shine in all materials for future generations. ​

The new pigment chemistries of Sicopal® Red K 3050 and Cinquasia® Rubine K 4370 extend the durable red color space. Due to high temperature and chemical stability, their performance stands up to the most demanding applications, including engineering plastics. The new Sicopal® Black technology has been optimized for recycling: The carbon black alternative contributes to the circular economy in plastic designs. With near-infrared (NIR) reflective properties it can pass through infrared sorting at materials recycling facilities.​