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Performance beyond dazzling impressions

Apply Pantone® Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, to your plastic designs

In our continued collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute™, we have created a collection of Pantone Living Coral shades in plastic designs. Benefit from our colorant expertise in meeting your requirements with pigments that perform safely, reliably, and brilliantly.

Pantone Living Coral embodies people’s desire for playful expression and symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. The engaging nature of this orange-based shade with a golden undertone is at once sociable and spirited. Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity, spending time with others, and having fun.

Enjoy a safe consumer experience

Benefit from our long-term experience in pigments that reach the highest purity levels especially for sensitive markets.

Enjoy a safe consumer experience – Pantone Living Coral pigments for sensitive applications

Our portfolio dedicated to sensitive applications is widely used for food contact material and toys. It is actively supported on a global level and maintained for regulatory compliance. Our pigments reach utmost purity levels, achieving top performance as opposed to simply meeting industry standards.


Find out how we contribute to health and safety in food contact material and toys. 

Perform until the last moment

Rely on colors that comply with complex technological requirements and that can withstand extreme strain.

Perform until the last moment – Pantone Living Coral outdoor pigments

Our pigments can be used in a variety of applications that require specific functionality, including low warping, sensitive, demanding polymers and processing conditions, and dispersion-critical applications. Whether designing playground equipment, long lasting containers or functional caps and closures, our coloring solutions target a broad range of polymer types, processing techniques, and end uses. With pigment preparations that "go the extra mile", we offer high chroma and color strength, quality consistency, and efficiency gains.

Get to know our pigments for demanding polymers and processes.

Discover sparkling moments

Boost the appearance of your product design with brilliant combinations of organic pigments and effects, that are natural and sustainably mined in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.

Visit our mine

Discover sparkling moments – Pantone Living Coral organic effect pigments

Brighten your plastic applications with attractive color intensity. Our lustrous effect pigments create eye-catching designs – from satin-sheen to glitter-like effects.


Explore Lumina® Royal – our mica-based interference pigment sourced in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.

Performance beyond dazzling impressions

Please contact us to implement your own ideas for Living Coral. Benefit from our color expertise for plastic stylings with pigments that perform safely, reliably, and brilliantly.