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Our mission is your vision

Make the most of Ultra Violet

Implement your own ideas for Ultra Violet, Pantone® Color of the Year 2018, with BASF Colors & Effects fashionable pigments to develop individual styling options in plastic. Benefit from our color expertise to help you express your creativity.

Bring your own ideas for Ultra Violet to life

Our effect shades orbiting Ultra Violet

We have developed five effects to get you started with Ultra Violet. Our purple shades hint at the mysteries of the cosmos, symbolized by the night sky, and the countless possibilities that lie beyond our own planet.

The Ultra Violet effect spectrum

Our five effect shades, each with its own special characteristics, have been created to meet the widest possible range of design needs.

Pigments for numerous plastic applications in Ultra Violet

We provide pigments for numerous Ultra Violet applications e.g. in Packaging, Fashion, Home Decor, Mobility, Electronics, and Sport.

Download details of all five effect pigments.

Express yourself

Juerg Zingg

Your first step toward Ultra Violet

Please contact Jürg Zingg for a sample of any of the above shades or if you would like help in creating your own formulation.