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Proud to be you

In line with recent color fashion trends, our new range of pigments is celebrating individual beauty and diversity. The various shades and effects are all designed to bring out the best in everyone and anyone.

Proud to be regal

From exclusive to inclusive, purple was once a color reserved for kings and queens. Today, purple has evolved to stand for self-expression, individualism and non-conformity. Celebrate your uniqueness and rule your destiny. Be proud to be you, be proud to be regal.
At BASF Colors & Effects, our perception of purple is multidimensional, expanding beyond a color to a variety of effects. From silky satins to dazzling sparkles, our sweeping portfolio of violet shades and effect pigments enables you to create unique products for your unique customer.

See our royal formulation example based on Flamenco® Summit Indigo

Proud to be radiant

Go with the glow. Everyone wants their face to have a healthy, natural radiance. Our pigments and the use of complementary colors play a key role in helping people look – and feel – their best.

Create your own color palette with our formulation examples

Proud to be natural

Making people naturally beautiful. Responding to the rising demand, BASF Colors & Effects offers the widest range of natural and organic cosmetic pigments. While also enhancing natural beauty.

From a luxurious pearl effect in body wash to a diamond sparkle in eyeshadow, our pigments enrich the sensorial experience of cosmetic and personal care products.

Natural and organic cosmetics

Responding to the greater appreciation of authenticity and transparency, our pigments support all main natural and organic labels, including NPA, COSMOS, and Natrue.

Personal care

Add a whole new dimension to your personal care formulations with effect pigments that turn a product promise into a real creation that consumers can sense for themselves.

Natural mica

The way we handle the mining and processing of mica, a major component of many of our effect pigments, reflects our core values including sustainability, safety, and ethical sourcing.

Proud to be unique

Dare to be different. Aligned with today’s hot market trends, our effect, pure hue, and intense color pigments offer countless styling options for people to truly express themselves as individuals.

Delivering extraordinary shine and sparkle as well as unrivaled color spaces, clean shades, and significantly higher chroma, our effect pigments can be combined with each other and different colors to create a genuinely unique look.

Metallic effects

Our different colors and effect pigments create depth and high shine for the ultimate metallic effect in color cosmetic applications.

Sparkling effects

We promote glitter in all its natural and unnatural forms. Our wide range of exceptionally shiny and sparkling effect pigments can be mixed and matched to obtain the ultimate dazzling look.

Intense colors

These natural mica-based interference pigments offer unique color spaces, clean shades, and significantly higher chroma.

Pure colors

Our synthetic mica-based effect pigments are particularly low in elemental impurities and deliver a clean and high chroma color shade. They add superior sparkle and smooth texture to any formulation.

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Proud to be able to help

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