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Cosmetic Color Trends 2019 –
Ahead of time with Pantone®

BASF Colors & Effects has paired up with the world’s leading color expert to provide the best quality color pigments for your cosmetic formulations. Our Spring/Summer 2019 forecasts are called Haven and Masterpiece. To bring our color inspiration to life, we provide textures and concepts as well as detailed formulations.

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Haven – Spring 2019 macro concept

Pollution concerns continue to increase – including air, water, and food. Allergies are on the rise. We feel assailed from all sides. Spring/Summer 2019 offers us quiet refuge from these elements. Formulations create a protective shield against harmful pollutants and allergens. The beauty trend for natural, bare looks evolves into enhanced nudes – skin tones infused with a light drop of orange are combined with whitened pastels. Feminine and sensuous, the palette brings soothing comfort and reassurance.

Haven concepts, textures and Pantone® colors

Effect pigments are inspired by natural textures like wood grains, glistening sands, and raw minerals, as well as art materials such as cream paint, glass gel, and ceramic glaze. Brands are encouraged to experiment and create their own product masterpieces. Masterpiece plunges us into the beauty of art in nature. Purple-cast blue, teal, and aqua flow alongside golden sand tones and lush floral hues of red, pink, and mauve.

Cosmetics with BASF pigments

Smooth Coverage Mousseline Foundation
This ultrasmooth mousse provides enhanced ­coverage and radiant color through the use of the Timica® Terra line of pigments.

Masterpiece – Summer 2019 macro concept

With the myriad of choices available nowadays, curation and personalization emerge as key driving forces. This requires unique combinations customized to each individual. For Spring/Summer 2019, these hybridizations bring us to a unique crossroads between art, nature, and science. These elements come together in surprising blends and contrasts. Scientifically advanced components activate natural extracts to multiply efficiency. Rich formulations invite us to play and mix, generating unexpected combinations.

Masterpiece concepts, textures and Pantone® colors

Makeup textures are subtle, with unusual sheen effects and protective coverage. Translucent gradients, prismatic aqua pearl sparkle, and metallic textures add refined interest to color cosmetics. Haven takes a surprisingly fresh and feminine approach to skin tones with sensual nudes and light-infused pastel tones.

Cosmetics with BASF pigments

Lip Glaze Duo – Amethyst Glass Gel
These lip glazes either provide high shine and ­enhanced reflectivity or creamy color with one ­swipe. The Glass Gel is a new crystal-clear gloss that ­provides a wash of purple to the lips through the use of Flamenco® Summit Aqua and Cellini® Blue.

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