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Pink is not dead!

The spirit of the ‘80s is back in focus. Break out from rigid societies and reject against mainstream and mass culture. Join the movement that’s all about celebrating fearless individuality, non-conformism and an eco-conscious lifestyle. Stand out with wild textural mixes, shrill neon colors and electrical synth waves. Revive the spirit of pink with a bold make-up statement and strong personality.

Pinks not dead! Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D – Beauty Industry Awards

Winner of the Beauty Industry Awards

Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D is the winner of the Beauty Industry Awards in the Best Color Cosmetics Ingredient category.

Pinks not dead! Electric Wave – Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D

Pink’s ride on the electric wave: Neon light meets bright colors and beauty enthusiasts of all ages, genders and ethnicities express themselves with unique looks. Bold pink isn’t enough? Show attitude beyond the façade with our vegan pigment that’s good for you — and the environment. 

Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D    

An intense magenta metallic-like effect pigment based on synthetic mica that delivers a clean, bold and bright hue using entirely inorganic materials. 

With an innovative, multi-layer technology, our carmine-free pigment fulfills today’s most requested and desired color need in the market.

Pinks not dead! Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D

Additional benefits

  • No staining, bleeding or fading
  • Unique red-blue color space
  • Rich and high chroma with superior coverage and excellent photostability

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Push it to the limit

Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D has no application or color restrictions. Whether used in eyeliner, cream blush, or lip gloss, this pigment covers a unique color palette – from light pink to dark violet. Combine with traditional colorants and effect pigments to elevate your applications.

Get to know our four vibrant formulations based on Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D. Revive the spirit of pink with fuchsia eyes, purple lashes, coral lips and a rosy glow.

Pinks not dead! Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D applications

A trend to go

Pinks not dead! Chione™ Electric Fuchsia SF90D

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