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The cosmetics industry is fast-paced and forward-thinking. Manufacturers have to be always up-to-date to keep up with the competition. With our expertise in color cosmetics, skin care, and personal care, we are your perfect partner to be the first one who sets cosmetic trends. We support you to meet your specific requirements with organic and inorganic pigments in premium cosmetic formulations.

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Explore our broad portfolio of pigments for the Cosmetics industry with Pigment Finder. You can view detailed product attributes, search for your desired pigment and download technical information.


Color cosmetics

Aligned with today’s hot market trends, our effect, pure hue, and intense color pigments offer countless styling options for people to truly express themselves as individuals. Delivering extraordinary shine and sparkle as well as unrivaled color spaces, clean shades, and significantly higher chroma, our effect pigments can be combined with each other and different colors to create a genuinely unique look.


Skin care

Making people naturally beautiful. From milenial to senior, we want to feel like our best selves, which is often reflected in our appearance through healthy-looking skin and a natural glow. From a luxurious shimmering effect in cremes and masks to a smooth and soft texture in makeup our organic and inorganic pigments enrich the sensorial experience of skin care products. 



Personal care

Add a whole new dimension to your personal care formulations with pigments that turn a product promise into a real creation. Transform ordinary shower gels and shampoos into attractive and innovative solutions or develop discerning products in oral, hair, and body care. Our effect pigments enhance your products with the seamless interplay of appearance, feel, and scent.  

Trends and topics

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA [TEASER]

Dirty but clean: Natural mica sourcing in Hartwell, Georgia, USA

Thanks to our own mine we are able to provide fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly sourced mica for the cosmetics, coatings, plastics and printing industries. Get to know our experienced employees and discover our mining area in Hartwell.


Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/2021 – Time to break free

Cosmetic Color Trends 2020/21: Time to break free

For the 2020-21 seasons, we embraced two trends with anti-anxiety effects. Incognito invites consumers to take things in their own hand, while Bliss is all about positivity and self-indulgence.

Proud to be you: A celebration of individualism

In line with recent color fashion trends, our new range of pigments is celebrating individual beauty and diversity. The various shades and effects are all designed to bring out the best in everyone and anyone.

Cosmetic Color Trends 2019: Ahead of time with Pantone

BASF Colors & Effects has teamed with the world’s leading color expert to bring you two exciting new cosmetic creations for Spring/Summer 2019.