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Colors & Effects
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Colors & Effects

Highest purity for

sensitive applications

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Colors & Effects


We offer the breadth and depth of color performance to the plastics industry, providing you with consistent quality, reliable processing behavior and industry-reference production for regulatory standards.

Performance beyond dazzling impressions

Apply Pantone® Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral to your plastic designs. Achieve performance that meets dynamic industry requirements using pigments that perform safely, reliably, and brilliantly.

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Pigments for Plastics

Our pigments deliver reliable quality, consistent processing behavior, reduced scrap rates, and enhanced productivity. At the same time, they enable you to find the optimal combination of coloring value and processing efficiency.

Colorful fibers

Pigment Preparations for Plastics

BASF’s pigment preparations are designed for the easy processing of PVC or polyolefin are solid solutions for improving polymer compounding operations. They provide reliable performance, fast processing, and efficient use of working capital.

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Masterbatch Preparations

We are a leading supplier of color masterbatches in granule and dry blend form, giving you a versatile range of standard and tailored, high-performance products for a variety of applications: automotive, packaging, construction, household, fibers, sports and leisure, and many more.

Trends and topics

Our mission is your vision

Bring your own ideas for Ultra Violet to life. Make use of our fashionable pigments to develop your own individual styling options in plastics.

Featured products

Solar heat management: Less heat for more design

Our functional heat management pigments allow the design of black and other colored surfaces which stay cool under solar radiation.


Lumina® Royal: Highest chroma, brilliant effects

Optimized particle size deliver the highest chromaticity available for a wide variety of applications. Add brilliance to vibrant stylings from green gold to greenish blue shades through coppers and oranges.