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Highest purity for sensitive applications

Our contribution to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys

Authorities repeatedly impose strict regulations to ensure consumer safety in such sensitive applications as food contact materials and children’s toys. The dedicated BASF Colors & Effects pigment portfolio fulfills latest regulatory requirements, backed by our regularly updated Food Contact Statements (FCS) for printing and Food Contact Certificates (FCC) for plastic applications. With our expertise in pigment manufacture technology and product toxicology, we offer comprehensive support for our pigments. In short, we facilitate our customers’ compliance along the entire value chain in sensitive applications.

Sensitive applications – Committed to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys

Our measures for safe pigments in sensitive applications


We set the standard for sensitive application testing e.g. NiAS, GRAS, and migration limit.

Sensitive applications – Sustainable with high chemical pigment purity


High chemical product purity.

Sensitive applications – Compliant with global regulations


Compliant with global regulations e.g. FDA 21, EC 1935, and Jhospa.


Sensitive applications – Broad pigment portfolio


Broad portfolio for all sensitive applications.

Sensitive applications – Compliant with global regulations


Expertise in various markets e.g. printing and plastics.

Key strengths

  • In-house expertise in manufacture technology and product toxicology
  • High purity pigments
  • Compliance with global food contact regulations
  • Groundbreaking test methods
  • Broadest portfolio with active support in sensitive applications

Download an overview of our measures for consumer safety in sensitive applications.

For a vast range of sensitive applications


Ensure food safety with pure pigments for food packaging material. Rely on our portfolio for food packaging printing like flexography, offset, and rotogravure.


Make your applications safe with our colorants used in toys and plastic food packaging such as flexible and sleeve packaging.

Further applications

Our pigment portfolio meets the requirements for certain other sensitive applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, and medical devices.