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Senergy Wall Systems

Acrylic Finishes and Coatings

Fine Finish

A finish which utilizes uniformly-sized aggregates for a uniform, fine texture.

Sahara Finish

A finish which provides a uniform, “pebble” appearance. 

Classic Finish

A finish with a medium “worm-holed” appearance which is achieved by random aggregate sizes 

Coarse Finish

A medium “worm-holed” appearance which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes in the finish. The “worm-holed” look can be circular, random, vertical or horizontal. 

Senergy Textures

Texture Finish

A finish which can achieve a wide variety of free-formed, textured appearances, including stipple and skip-trowel.


Color Coat

A 100% acrylic-based coating. It is designed for spray-, roller- or brush-application over EIFS with minimum change in finish texture or sheen.