United States
Senergy Wall Systems


Chroma Finish

CHROMA Finishes are high performance colorants integrated into 100% acrylic polymer finishes formulated with advanced technology for superior fade resistance, improved long-term performance and dirt pick-up resistance.

Senergy's Brick Effects

The look of brick and benefits of EIFS can be achieved by using brick finish techniques that utilize special templates and Senergy 100% acrylic finishes.

Senergy's Metallic Effects

Factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer coating which imparts a unique pearlescent appearance to exterior walls to provide an attractive, cost-effective alternative to metal panels.

Senergy's Stone Look

ALUMINA, AURORA STONE, and AURORA TC-100 are factory-mixed, variegated finishes consisting of colored aggregates in a 100% acrylic binder.  

Old World Effects

ANTICOGLAZE and ENCAUSTO VERONA RENDERING are applications that produce beautiful aesthethics with mottling and coloration that produce that "old world effect".

Intonaco Finish

INTONACO FINISH is a factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finish coat. INTONACO FINISH utilizes a uniformly-sized particle distribution for an ultra smooth texture.