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AMJC Mosque Brampton

The AMJC Mosque of Brampton, Ontario is a beautifully designed space for prayer and reflection. The architect chose to use EIFS cladding for its energy and cost-efficiency, aesthetic appearance and the unlimited array of colors and textures.

The structure is clad in 15,000 sq. ft. of Senergy’s Senerflex GDC Design System with a fluid applied Air Weather Resistive Barrier, Continuous Insulation and a Geometrically Defined Drainage Cavity. A 175-foot boom lift was required to install the EIFS cladding on the soaring 130-foot minaret.

The project was named a finalist in the 2018‐19 ECC Architectural Design Awards Program by the EIFS Council of Canada.

Project Summary

Brampton, Ontario

Building Owner
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada Incorporated 

SRN Architects Incorporated

General Contractor
Circon Construction

Holt Construction Services Ltd.

Senergy Distributor
Builders Supplies Ltd.

Senerflex GDC

An adhesively attached, water-drainage EIFS incorporating a Geometrically Defined Drainage Cavity. Available in Canada only.