United States
Senergy Wall Systems

Senergy Platinum CI Stucco Plus

SENERGY PLATINUM CI STUCCO PLUS is a premium continuously insulated cement plaster stucco featuring Neopor rigid insulation board

Design meets
ASHRAE design standards and IGCC/IECC code requirements for
the use of continuous insulation
  Highly energy efficient and easy to specify
Neopor R-5, R-7.5 and R-10 rigid insulation boards   Long term R value stability; no CFCs or HCFCs; manufactured with foaming agent that has zero ozone depletion; vapor permeable and water resistant; silver gray color reduces glare for installers; 100% recyclable and Greenguard Gold Certified
Incorporates fluid-applied monolithic air/water-resistive barrier   Durable, seamless building wrap is highly resistant to water and air infiltration
Provides a drainage plane
  Directs incidental moisture out of the wall assembly
100% Acrylic, reinforced base coats   Produce a weather-resistant barrier; provide crack resistance
Factory prepared STUCCOBASE   Minimizes potential site mixing
errors; improves quality control
Available self-furred glass fiber reinforcing lath in durable plaster base
  Will not rust
Fade-, abrasion- and dirt-resistant finishes   Lower maintenace