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Senergy Wall Systems

Channeled Adhesive CI Design

An adhesively attached, continuously insulated water-drainage exterior cladding incorporating vertical drainage channels and a secondary air/water-resistive barrier.

Submittal Builder

Quickly and easily assemble the files you need and aggregate them into a single PDF for a submittal package.

Proven / Validated Performance

In addition to NFPA 285 compliance, the Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design Wall System has met a full range of fire and other performance requirements.


Need Inspiration? See some of the successes with Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design in the Project Profiles.  

System Cutaway

A cutaway that details the various layers of the Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design wall system.

Metallic Effects

Stunning appearances, design freedom, thermal efficiency, moisture protection, and fire performance are some of the reasons BASF Metallic Effects offer More than Metal.

Brick Effects

The look of brick and benefits of Continuously Insulated (CI) Wall Systems can be achieved by using brick finish techniques that utilize special templates and Senergy 100% acrylic finishes.

Stone Effects

Stone Effects

Achieve a variety of Stone Effects by using BASF Senergy finishes and rendering techniques.

Senergy Textures

Standard Textures & Finishes

Senergy Finishes incorporate advanced BASF technology to improve long-term performance and dirt pick-up resistance. They are available in standard and custom colors in a variety of textures to complement the design freedom of Senergy Wall Systems.


Use our interactive tool to explore the various color options with Senergy finishes.

Air / Water-Resistive Barriers

Integral Air | Water-Resistive Barriers

A unique chemistry from BASF designed to provide an optimal balance of properties for excellent secondary moisture protection to BASF Wall Systems and most other wall claddings.

BASF Insulation Boards

Insulation Value

With an R-value of 3.85/inch (Type I at 75°F), designers can easily specify the right level of continuous insulation.

Fire Performance

Fire Performance

Creating non-combustible exterior wall assemblies has become increasingly challenging as building design evolves toward greater levels of energy efficiency.

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance

In most situations, Senergy FLEXGUARD 4 Mesh embedded in base coat creates an optimal blend of strength and economy. Some projects need extra strength in high traffic areas, or for special circumstances.

Hurricane Performance

Hotel officials said there was "zero damage to the exterior, with minor damage to the roof and ornamentation. The BASF Senergy Wall System performed as designed."

Evaluation Reports

BASF Wall Systems has invested heavily in the performance testing of all Senergy Wall Systems. This assures you that our systems meet or exceed building code requirements.


A specification that allows you to quickly incorporate Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design as the basis of design for your next project.  

Restoration | Resurfacing | Re-Cladding

BASF Construction Chemicals provides a wide range of restoration solutions, from concrete strengthening and repair to waterproofing sealants, and comprehensive building envelope restoration. The SMaRT program is designed to lever the extensive resources that BASF provides, with a focus on the building envelope.


SENERPANEL CI prefabricated wall systems combine the advantages of Senergy insulated wall systems with the benefits of indoor factory panel fabrication. Controlled conditions allow SenerPanel CI to be produced consistently regardless of weather conditions.

Technical Services

Technical Support

With our collective years of knowledge and experience as a leading provider of technical services to the design and construction communities, we can assist you with any technical question you may have. Let us help you with your next project. For immediate assistance, contact BASF Wall Systems Technical Support at 800-589-1336.