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Senergy Wall Systems

Fire Performance

Creating non-combustible exterior wall assemblies has become increasingly challenging as building design evolves toward greater levels of energy efficiency. To meet the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code, buildings have incorporated air/water-resistive barriers on exterior sheathing and CMU walls, together with extensive use of exterior insulation. In addition to improving energy efficiency, these changes can provide effective moisture management by incorporating an airtight secondary drainage plane, and by moving the dew point of the wall assembly outside of the drainage plane.

"Design professionals who specify Senergy insulated wall systems installed per BASF Wall Systems’ instructions are specifying code compliant systems."

Safety is a critical element that needs careful consideration. While the IECC requires continuous insulation and an air/water-resistive barrier, the International Building Code (IBC) requires specific levels of fire performance for Type I-IV construction.

Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design, Platinum CI Stucco Ultra and SenerPanel CI are fully engineered building enclosure systems. They are NFPA 285 compliant, as described in the Senergy NFPA 285 Compliant Wall Systems and Assemblies brochure. Compliance with the IBC is confirmed by ICC-ESR Evaluation Reports.