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Insulation is a Beautiful Thing

Channeled Adhesive CI Design uses at least one-inch and as much as 12-inches of Type I expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board. By placing insulation outside of the framing, thermal expansion and contraction of the framing is reduced. Since there are no lintels or fasteners to channel heat through the wall, insulation in Channeled Adhesive CI Design is 100% effective. You get the R-value you pay for.

With an R-value of 3.85/inch (Type I at 75°F), designers can easily specify the right level of continuous insulation.

Typically you only need two to four inches of EPS, depending on project’s climate zone, wall design, and occupancy. What can you do with the remaining allowable thickness?

Let your imagination run wild. Bumpouts and special design effects can be easily added, at very low cost. With Channeled Adhesive CI Design, you can turn creative inspiration into practical reality.