United States
Senergy Wall Systems

Sentry Stucco Ultra

SENTRY STUCCO ULTRA is a premium impact and puncture resistant, rain screen design cement plaster stucco system with enhanced water management

Rain screen design    Provides added protection against the effects of
incidental moisture intrusion
Fluid applied air/water-resistive barrier   Provides a durable, seamless building wrap
Three-dimensional drainage mat    Provides a drainage plane for
maximum drainage and drying performance
Self-furred glass fiber reinforcing lath in durable plaster base    Will not rust
Factory prepared STUCCOBASE    Minimizes potential site mixing errors; improves quality control
Acrylic modified base coat over STUCCOBASE    Enhances water resistance performance and finish coat aesthetics
Fade-, abrasion-and dirt-resistant finishes    Contribute to low maintenance
and life-cycle costs
Reinforcing mesh option
  Further increases crack resistance
Very resistant to impact and punctures   Good for high traffic areas