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BASF Wall Systems has evolved from a company started more than 35 years ago in Rhode Island called Senergy®. Founded in 1979 by the pioneers who introduced this innovative technology to North America, Senergy has always played a key role in the growth of the exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) industry.

Today, BASF Wall Systems is a leader in the EIFS industry, providing EIFS, stucco and specialty finishes and coatings throughout North America under the Senergy, Finestone® and Acrocrete® brands. With six manufacturing locations, and more than 250 points of distribution, BASF Wall Systems is uniquely positioned for excellence in serving the local needs of its customers.

As part of BASF, we have access to the research data and advanced technologies developed in some of the world's top laboratories. This association enables us to deliver a steady stream of ever-evolving and breakthrough products and systems.

BASF is the world's largest chemical company. As part of a worldwide leader, BASF Wall Systems’ is commited to innovation, quality and excellence. With its products and system solutions, the company is creating something valuable and indispensable for the success of its customers.

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