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STEM programs in North America

Working with institutions, communities and volunteers, BASF is helping students imagine the possibilities that chemistry offers for their future and for the world. Through BASF's programs, students conduct experiments, explore institutional settings, and experience workplace environments that provide insight for different ages and interests.

Here’s a closer look at the engaging and inspiring programs BASF offers students from preschool through high school.


Kids' Lab

Kids always seem to have a sense of wonder. From peek-a-boo to building forts, the act of discovery brightens their day. Through our interactive Kids’ Lab program (ages 4 –12), BASF focuses that sense of wonder by pairing chemistry with fun. We give them what they love: a hands-on opportunity to explore connections between science and their world.

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Teens' Lab

Teenagers tend to take themselves pretty seriously. Well, so do we. We created our Teens’ Lab specifically for them. Teens’ Lab provides a unique opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment in a university-level lab, where perhaps they'll spark an interest in future careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Since its North American launch in 2017,
105 high school students
have particpated. 

TECH Academy

Technically, there’s more than one road to a technical career. There’s computer technology and then there’s industrial technology. Think operator, pipefitter or welder. BASF’s TECH Academy offers unique opportunities to high school students who have an eye on a career in industrial arts and process technology. Inquisitive teens get the chance to explore skills along this path and engage with professionals to begin their journey in the industry.



Since the 2015 launch,

218 students

have partipcated.


BASF’s TECH Academy students watch as River Parishes Community College instructors demonstrate the different types of welds. Welding is one of several crafts introduced to students through the week-long summer program.

“BASF’s TECH Academy was a great experience, and it really helped me discover what job I would choose for my future career.  I’m choosing to pursue a technical degree when I graduate from high school. I hope to become a drafter or a welder. I want to be the best at anything I attempt to accomplish.”

- Alex Fields, student at East Ascension High School


You Be The Chemist

Chemistry plays a central role in our everyday life, and to help K– 8 students understand chemistry impact, BASF partners with the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) and is a sponsor of the You Be the Chemist Challenge®. For more information, check out

In 2018, BASF expanded partnership to offer BASF sponsored professional development workshops to educators.

For more information on BASF STEM programs, contact:

Maria Acle
Maria Acle
Communication Services - Educational Program Management US