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Energy and Climate protection

Anthropogenic climate change is one of the main challenges society is facing. Business, science, politics and society need to combine forces in tackling climate change and using resources more efficiently. BASF is committed to economically efficient and ecologically effective global climate protection and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Climate Action”. Energy efficiency is the key to combining climate protection, conservation of resources and economic advantages.

Our climate protection solutions

Our products are involved in a large number of climate protection technologies in a wide range of sectors.

A holistic view

We are working in our own production and with our partners along the value chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the key for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the economical production of chemical products.

Our climate protection goals

We have defined targets on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increase of energy efficiency.

Our corporate carbon footprint

Each year we are reporting emissions along the BASF value chain and the contribution of products in our portfolio to avoid emissions.

Working together for climate protection

The role of our employees, BASF’s Climate Protection Officer, and our partners in projects for effective climate protection.


BASF in CDP as well as in further indices and rankings

Since 2004 we are reporting to the CDP Climate Change program.

Our global commitment

BASF supports the global climate protection agreement.

Energy and climate policies

BASF participates in the political debate and strives for sustainable solutions.