Mimiskin™ - Your Second Skin For The Ultimate Protection

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Revolutionary skin protector- Mimiskin™

The need for an all-round skin protection inspired BASF to create a solution to protect our largest but rather vulnerable organ - our skin, against dehydration and external aggressions, by employing top-notch technologies and drawing motivation from nature. Mimiskin™’s particles are what create the magic, leading to this innovation. Mimiskin™ highly resembles the human skin and offers all-around care as a skin-fitting protector. With its unique melting point shifting behaviour, it forms a breathable lipid film on the skin, preserving moisture, repairing complexion and bringing the natural barrier to its optimal condition. This patent-protected technology is the perfect solution to the most sought-after skin type – beautiful, healthy and radiant. Mimiskin™ is extremely versatile and compatible with a wide range of skin care formulas such as face and body, and including applications for sun, hair, men’s and baby care products.

Daily invisible danger 

Hectic lifestyles and air pollution are two major sources of skin stress that urban dwellers experience quite often. Pollution may be seemingly imperceptible on our skin, but an increasing number of studies are showing that its impact is far from invisble. Consumers are constantly in search of easy, effective solutions to protect their skin and make it healthy and radiant. Afterall, glowing, beautiful skin is surely something everyone appreciates.

Fig. 1. Global ambient air pollution, from measurements, 2018  
Source: WHO Global Ambient Air Quality Database

Quest for skincare upgrade

As consumers worldwide connect the dots between ambient pollution and the deterioration they observe in their skin’s condition, brands are rapidly adapting to the rising demand in new anti-pollution products with upgraded features. Skincare products now deliver more than general skin benefits like hydration and brightening. They are expected to be high-tech, long-lasting, proven safe and sensitive skin-friendly and effective in repairing and protecting the skin from external aggressions. Young consumers, who are looking for more than just efficacy, are pushing brands even further to innovate and bring additional selling points such as novelty and comfort in sensorial experience and better sustainability