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Việt Nam

Welcome to the Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room


trinamiX has developed a prototype handheld device which uses Hertzstück™ technology to enable consumers to examine the ingredients of their food.

During the London Restaurant Festival in 2018, BASF showcased the technology for the first time and displayed its potential as an individual `lab for the pocket´ for everyone. The event took place in an interactive pop-up restaurant and was be accompanied by the science journalist Dr Michael Mosley. The focus was on the “secret science” behind the things we eat. Our guests had a unique opportunity to use technology to shed light on the ingredients that make up our food, whilst enjoying an exclusive tasting menu. In addition, our experts provided further information on the technology and answered questions during the evening.

While the "Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room" opened its doors for only three days, its highlights can be.
Last Update 4 tháng 2, 2021