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Market Area Africa

Developing strategies in a changing world



Products, industries, technology, strategy, and new business – our marketing division. Just as diverse as BASF.

As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF produces an incredible variety of products for a wide range of consumer industries - for example the automotive, construction and food industries.

Of course, this offers a vast number of opportunities for marketing professionals. Our marketing teams act as a link between BASF and the global market, with its ever-changing demands. Reacting to these changes quickly and efficiently requires market transparency. In marketing, you are responsible for product and industry segments and will consolidate BASF’s global market leadership in close collaboration with our sales teams in the business units.

As a student you have the opportunity to learn about BASF through an internship or a practically-oriented final-year thesis.

You can gain a valuable insight into how a global company operates and lay the first foundations for your professional future.

You will be able to create your own network with experts in your specialist area and you will benefit from the expertise of an experienced supervisor. Our experts are happy to be observed in their work and have the right answer to every question.

You are studying business, economics or industrial chemistry and have not yet finished your university studies.

You enjoy working in a team, you are are open to everything that's new and are self-motivated and innovation-oriented. You can also communicate fluently in English.

Your internship should cover 3 to 6 months.

Internships are generally possible for a variety of marketing functions in all business units.

  • Product management is responsible for managing the sales, turnover and results for a product portfolio
  • In industrial or segment marketing you can develop a more in-depth market understanding for a sector or application segment
  • Technical marketing acts as the technological interface between the customer and product development
  • Strategic marketing develops marketing strategies for the profitable and sustainable positioning of the respective business areas.

In summary, the possibilities that we offer for internships, Bachelor's or Master's theses are as varied as our products and customer industries.

As well as planning and implementing the marketing mix, product management is also responsible for conducting customer and competitor analyses.

In industrial or segment marketing, you will develop solutions tailored to the industry segment and market these to customers and other important market players.

In technical marketing, your tasks will include identifying customer demands and outlining the product requirements of domestic and international markets.

In strategic marketing, you will oversee the implementation of strategies at BASF’s various business units.

From the very first day you will be part of the BASF team and will be able to steer your personal development through exchange with experienced profesionals in an international environment. You will get to participate in site tours and workshops to get to know BASF better and gain a unique insight into the company.