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South Africa


Smart Cities

BASF believes that, despite the challenges of huge population growth, our global cities are just going to get better.







Working for Water
The Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains provide South Africa with 40% of its surface water. But this supply is seriously threatened by soil erosion caused by overgrazing. A few years ago, BASF Stiftung started a project with the United Nations Environment Programme, supported by BASF South Africa, to help local communities protect this water supply. They were able to ensure long term solutions to maintain water and control its quality, not simply by funding but by sharing expertise.



Innovative approaches for the circular economy

More and more consumers wish to be part of the circular economy, and to move away from the one-way street of “produce, use & dispose” that is putting our environment under increasing strain. Eco-aware consumers are more likely to choose brands that can demonstrate sound eco-credentials. With BASF solutions, you can give your customers the power to choose cleaning products designed with the circular economy in mind: products that make efficient use of resources and keep people and the environment healthy, without compromising on cleaning performance.

The evolution of BASF's Paliocrom effect pigments

With a proven track record extending over a quarter of a century, Paliocrom® aluminium effect pigments – presented by BASF Colors & Effects – are the ideal choice for modern automotive and high performance industrial coatings. They provide excellent hiding and extreme saturation while maintaining a smooth appearance in thin film applications. Paliocrom® offers you maximum chroma and brilliant metallic effects for yellow-to-red premium colors.



Outside Insights: Wind and Solar Energy
BASF recently met up with industry specialists in the South African energy sector. Here, they share their perspectives on the global energy situation and explain how innovation is helping us to move on from fossil fuels, for a more sustainable solution for the future.