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Performance Materials (PM) Division

BASF South Africa’s Performance Materials (PM) division is the leading supplier of polyurethane systems and specialties, on a global scale.  With its international network of polyurethane systems houses and its comprehensive product and service portfolio, BASF is the preferred partner of customers in many industries.

The PM division is a global technology leader with more than 40 years’ of experience; this has been achieved through technological innovation and the expertise of local specialists working together with an experienced team of technical service chemists.  As we keep inventing and re-inventing polymer science, our customers enjoy the innovative solutions from a broad product portfolio and material competencies.

From construction insulation and anti-static abrasion chemicals, through to flexible foam and shoe soles, BASF PM specializes in all varieties of polyurethane products; it is in this, and more, that we create chemistry.

Polyurethane (PU) Systems  

Elastoflex®, Elastolit®, Elastocoat®, Elastopan®, Elasturan® , Elastofoam®, Elastopor®, Elastoskin®, Elastopir®, Elastospray®, Elastocool®, Elastocoast® and Elastopave®

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)

Elastollan®, Elastostab®, Elastostat®, Permaskin® and Infinergy™

Polyols Production for PU Systems

As Lupranol® and Lupraphen® (marketed to external parties by the CM division)

Specialization and innovation in the engineering sector:

Polyamide (PA 6 / PA 66)

Ultramid®, Capron®

Polybutylenterephthalate (PBT)


Polyacetal (POM; polyoxymethylene)


Performance Materials’ Industries:

Business Industry: Transportation

As global innovators BASF Performance Materials not only anticipates trends but also influence the realization of these trends and as such, pioneers the landscape, even in already established segments such as the automotive industry.

For decades, the European automotive industry has been at the forefront of innovations; this is true for engineering plastics as much as for polyurethanes. Many applications for power train, chassis, interior and exterior have achieved excellent market penetration.

New opportunities are created from more stringent regulations, e.g. improvements of fuel efficiency, CO2 -emissions and pedestrian protection. For the OEM, lightweight design is the fastest and most economical option to meet these requirements whereas Polyurethanes places importance on the comfort in most vehicle classes.

Business Industry:  Construction

The product portfolio of the E-PME/B business unit is as diverse as the construction industry itself. In addition to high-quality PUR rigid foam systems (Elastopor® H, Elastopir®), from which customers throughout Europe (EMEA) manufacture high-performance finished products for insulation and sealing, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (Elastollan®) and the engineering plastics Ultramid®, Ultradur®, Ultrason® and Ultraform® are also marketed.

Business Industry:  Industrial

The use of fields Electrical / Electronic (E / E), medical technology, cast elastomers for industrial applications and the totality of extrusion applications for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is PM’s focus within the industrial sector.

Business Industry:  Consumer

The Business Management Consumer deals with a large number of customer industries, ranging from footwear and sports and leisure, to refrigerators, drills, furniture and food packaging. Many of these customer industries are increasingly dependent on broad material expertise for future developments.

Research and Development:

BASF’s expertise in engineering plastics and polyurethanes includes significant Research and Development activities throughout the world. Studies are conducted on an on-going basis in the global Research and regional Development centers located in Europe, North America and Asia.  The key focus areas of Research and Development are:

·         Lighter and more durable materials

·         Higher levels of comfort

·         Low emission materials

·         More energy-efficient materials

·         Materials that contribute even more to sustainability

·         Higher performance materials

It is in this continuous improvement and the provision of innovative customized polyurethane system solutions that BASF confirms its commitment to customers, and their successful growth and sustainability, throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.