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Market Area Africa
Market Area Africa

Welcome to the Ludwigshafen site

With an area of approximately ten square kilometres the Ludwigshafen Verbund site is the world’s largest integrated chemical complex. As the headquarters of BASF, it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept, where production facilities, energy flows and logistics are networked together intelligently in order to utilise resources as efficiently as possible. As the region’s largest employer, we are committed to our environment in a variety of ways.

Working towards a good neighborhood

“The Ludwigshafen site makes an important contribution to BASF’s success. In order for us to be successful at our headquarters, we need good relations with our neighborhood. Openness, transparency and the readiness to engage in dialogue – in good times as well as in difficult times – are therefore an important part of our corporate culture.”

Dr Uwe Liebelt, Site Manager Ludwigshafen

The site in figures

app. 39,000

app. 2,000
buildings on the site

ca. 200
production facilities

230 km

2,850 km

106 km

Important phone numbers

In the event of an incident, we provide information quickly, transparently and comprehensively. For this purpose the company has an extensive range of experts available at a moment’s notice.

Environmental center:

Citizen’s hotline: