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Code of Conduct

Compliance Program of the BASF Group

About BASF Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is binding for all employees of the BASF Group worldwide.

While it is not intended to describe every law and internal policy that may apply to everyone, it defines basic, globally applicable standards of conduct and what is expected from employees. We therefore expect our employees to understand the standards of the Code of Conduct as well as the respective local laws and corporate guidelines, and always abide by them and attend all mandatory and necessary training sessions. Managers are responsible for supporting their employees in this endeavor.

Violations of the law by just one employee can seriously harm our company’s reputation and inflict considerable damage, including financial damage. Our company does not tolerate these violations and will not protect those responsible for sanctions imposed by the authorities. Violation of laws, international standards and internal rules may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment, and may be subject to civil or criminal action.

In almost all cases, breaches of the law can be avoided by timely advice. If employees have doubts about the legal or ethical implications of their own conduct or questions about what is required, they are requested to seek advice or assistance from their manager, the relevant department (e.g. human resources, legal or finance department) or the Compliance Officer. Employees must also report any suspected or actual violation of law or company policy. In such cases, employees may also use the Compliance Hotline.

For this purpose, confidential (and in most cases toll-free) Compliance Hotlines have been established in all regions of the world. Messages can also be left anonymously. These cases will be thoroughly investigated and handled as confidentially as possible. BASF strictly prohibits retaliation against any person who uses the Compliance Hotline in good faith.

The Compliance Hotline can be used by employees and other interested persons to report any suspected or actual violation of law or Company policy.

BASF Compliance Hotlines Dezember 2018

BASF Compliance Hotlines Dezember 2018