BASF protects Sandgate Scouts with much-needed Termidor® termite treatment

Situated north of Brisbane in the beautiful, coastal suburb of Sandgate is the Sandgate Scout Group Community Hall, which has a long history of serving the community.

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The Sandgate Scout Group Community Hall is a place of connection, learning, confidence building, friendship making and much more. We take a lot of pride in driving a wide range of events centred around the development young people in the area,” 

Luciano Serafini

Leader of Sandgate Scout Group

Like many buildings in Australia, the Sandgate Scout Group Community Hall was facing a significant pest risk, as a massive gum tree next to the hall was full of termites, which had already caused damage to the building in non-structural spots. Thanks to BASF’s Treat Your Community initiative, the Sandgate Scout Group received a much-needed termite treatment using the market-leading termiticide, Termidor®.

“The hall was treated many years ago, but that treatment had long expired. We were extremely fortunate that Nathan Clarke, a professional pest controller from TRU Pest Control, was already coming along and doing spot treatments as he could – donating his time and products, when the Termidor 20 Year ‘Treat Your Community’ competition was announced. Being selected as one of the lucky winners allowed the treatment to be done all at once to get it done properly,” explains Luciano.

In treating the hall, Nathan used Termidor® SC, a powerful termiticide that works by eliminating termite colonies and preventing future infestations. Nathan applied the product to the building's foundation, where it will now serve as a barrier to protect the building from termites. “I’ve used this product for the past 19 years and haven’t had any failures with it,” states Nathan.

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The treatment will provide long-lasting protection against future termite infestations for up to eight years. Thanks to Nathan's expertise and the use of BASF’s Termidor® SC termiticide, the Sandgate Scout Group Community Hall can continue to serve as a valuable resource for the local community.

“We’re extremely grateful to both Nathan and Termidor for this treatment. This protection will ensure the Sandgate Community Hall can continue to serve as a hub for the whole community for many years to come,” explains Luciano.


More about Sandgate Scout Group:

Sandgate Scout Group get involved in many different community initiatives, including a Christmas themed event called “Jingle all the Bay”, Clean Up Australia Day and the annual ANZAC Day March. These events are a big source of pride for the individuals involved in the Scout group, and allows them the opportunity to truly feel involved in the community.

A passionate scout leader since 2017, Luciano explains the Sandgate Scout Group caters to young locals aged 6 – 26, providing a space to learn new skills, build confidence, and connect with others. Luciano takes a lot of pride in educating young people on many things, including outdoor skills, cooking and the environment and how to care for it. 

“It’s extremely heart-warming to see the children light up at Scouts after they’ve had a bad day. What we have realised is that a lot of these children need support and often come from homes where they don’t have strong role models. Scouts is a place to help support these kinds of children, by getting them into a positive routine, building their confidence and equipping them with important life skills,” Luciano adds.

“The Scouts membership fees go to important initiatives that keeps the group running, including maintaining the building, buying food and badges, and subsidising major events such as outdoor camps,” remarks Luciano. Fundraising initiatives such as Bunnings BBQs and hiring out the hall go a long way to help maintain the hall, but bigger ticket items such as termite treatments are almost impossible to afford.

The hall is not only a space where the Scouts help to foster social connections and build confidence in young people, it is also home to many other groups that are important to the community. This includes a not-for-profit organisation who provide support for young people living with Autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s and Tourette Syndromes, and is regularly used for community activities including Irish dance classes, church group meetings, puppy school, and tai chi classes.