The Chemistry of Chocolate and Coffee

Chemistry of chocolate.jpg

Chemists and epicureans alike recently gathered at the BASF Head Office in Melbourne to attend the RACI’s Women in Chemistry’s ‘Chemistry of Chocolate and Coffee’ event.

The event brought together local members of Women in Chemistry Committee (WinC) as well as non-members who were interested in furthering their knowledge of coffee and chocolate and finding out more about WinC and BASF.

Nicolas Georges, CEO of Koko Black, tantalised taste buds and brain cells with his presentation on the art of chocolate creation from bean to bar. With a Masters in Food Technology and a lifetime working in the confectionary industry, Nicolas knows what he is talking about when it comes to chocolate and provided an insightful and scientific perspective on the subject.

Dr Monika Feteke, Director of Coffee Science Lab, also held a captive audience as she explained the science behind a bitter brew and a smooth latte. While the drink has predated modern science, the audience was surprised to discover how much precision and methodology goes into creating Melbourne’s most coveted beverage.

The presentations by both Nicolas and Monika were educational and further demonstrated that complex chemistry touches our lives daily in many wonderful ways. WinC and BASF look forward to finding new ways to make learning about chemistry accessible and enjoyable.