A chat with Tony Chapman, logistics strategist


Tony Chapman, pictured above, has been working for BASF since 2010

Tony Chapman is an operations supervisor in BASF Australia's Coatings division. We spoke to Tony about what a typical day looks like for him, working at BASF's Automotive Refinish Technology (ART) distribution center in Dandenong South.

In the morning
Tony Chapman starts his day driving from his home to work. Located in Dandenong South, almost 40 kilometers from Melbourne, this Automotive Refinish Technology (ART) distribution center was opened in September 2017. "The location of the new warehouse was chosen because it has an excellent transport link and with about 1,500 square meters almost double the racking space compared to the older logistic center,” Tony said. “We had to expand because 2016 we entered a cooperation with AMA Group, leader in the vehicle aftercare market,” he explained.

Tony planned the structure of the new warehouse and considered the best solution for storing the products. Now he controls the distribution of refinish coatings, ensuring that the customers throughout Australia are supplied in time with BASF’s refinish brands, including Glasurit®, NORBIN® and baslac®.

Arriving at work before 8 a.m. Tony prepares the morning delivery runs. In this process Tony’s job is to oversee the work of the picking staff. “The 80 to 100 deliveries are distributed by five drivers to the end user body shops in the Melbourne area, which is around 10,000 square kilometers,” Tony said. “I’m responsible for the delivery route and a smooth workflow.”

After lunch
The next delivery run is prepared. “We have to maintain a continuous supply to all customers to make sure their daily business operations are not disrupted,” Tony pointed out. He constantly talks to colleagues to ensure the effectiveness of the distribution, for example, to determine the quickest, yet safest delivery route for both the staff and products, but he also checks the smartest way of loading.

In the afternoon
Tony answers emails and inquiries and sets priorities for the next day.

In the evening
The operations supervisor enjoys cooking outside in his alfresco area. It is like a rooftop terrace with a kitchen that is still part of the house. “It lets me use my BBQ and enjoy the garden. Thanks to the palms it has a tropical Bali feel to it. This way I can really enjoy my evening.”


The team from BASF's Automotive Refinish Technology (ART) distribution center in Dandenong South