PhD students visit BASF's Nutrition & Health site

BASF's Nutrition and Health site in Cheltenham, Victoria, processes natural beta-carotene

Keith Johnson, Production Manager of BASF’s Cheltenham site, recently hosted a group of PhD students from the Institute of Chemical Engineers. The goal of the day was to show the students what a typical day working at BASF’s Nutrition and Health site entailed, jam packed in to only one hour.

Keith started the session with a short presentation about beta-carotene, which covered the growth and harvesting of the algae, extraction and purification of the beta-carotene and the common uses for BASF’s beta-carotene. The students were then treated to a short tour of the plant where the students had the opportunity to look at the production facility and learn more about our safety systems.

“There was a good level of engagement with quite a few questions being asked across the presentation and tour,” Keith said. The students showed a lot of interest in BASF’s commitment to sustainability and asked Keith many questions about how BASF embraces recycling. “I explained that the D-Limonene and ethanol used in the process is recovered and re-used in the process. As much plastic and paper/cardboard waste is recycled as possible,” Keith shared.

The visit was part of the Monash Chemicals and Polymers Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIPs) initiative, a program that brings together graduate researchers (PhD students) and academic leaders from various fields with external partners to explore an issue of global significance and to give the younger generation a chance to see how it works in the ‘real world’.