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We connect people - inside and outside BASF!


We are firm believers of the fact that trust contributes significantly to BASF’s business success and that everything starts with open and clear communication. This is why our communications are always comprehensive, consistent and credible. We say what we do and we do what we say. We apply this philosophy globally thanks to our connected teams. We communicate about corporate objectives, visions and our mission but also about new products, applications and the markets we’re active at.


If you are interested in communications, then make sure to apply at BASF. Our communications team is a divers team with many different responsibilities: internal communications, external communications, social media, PR, corporate communication, …

You get the opportunity to complete a communications project, to write texts, to learn about communication methods and –channels for different target groups. You also get the chance to contribute to internal or external business events.

Working in communications is a job with many responsibilities. That’s why we expect the following elements from you:

  • You have a study background in communications;
  • You have a passion for internal and external communication;
  • You have a clear writing style;
  • You can multitask effectively;
  • You are a team player;
  • You are very organized.



You can expect an extensive offer of training courses with a strong focus on on-the-job training by your skilled and motivated team. During the first months you will have the help of a buddy who will guide you in our company.

From this position on you can further develop in several ways by performing several tasks in Belgium or across borders.