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Safety is of prime importance to us

Support BASF in safety and hazard control.

The principle "We never compromise on safety" is deeply embedded in BASF’s DNA and its sustainable strategy. As a result, the safety team is very active within different domains of BASF. They perform tasks like process security, operational safety, labor safety, transport safety, information protection, etc. Our safety policy is visible every day for all employees. Do you want to work on a high level safety policy? BASF is the perfect employer for you!

By focusing on prevention and specialized monitoring of our daily work, we can continue to work on sustainable solutions and safety procedures, contributing to the company’s success along the way. 

Are you interested in the further development and implementation of a sustainable and safe work environment? If working in a safe way is your second nature, our safety team is the right place for you.

You are a strong communicator who has the right moving force to make clear the importance of safety with internal and external target groups. You are creative and together with your colleagues you reach targets.

You have a caring heart , a strong will to really go for it and most important, the courage to speak up and to react to unsafe situations.


We have safety teams on the sites of BASF Antwerpen and BASF Belgium Coordination Center Comm. V.

Possible working areas are:

  • Labor safety
  • Transport safety
  • Process safety
  • Operational safety: Fire department
  • Operational safety: site security
  • Information Protection
  • ….


At BASF we see safety from a broad perspective. As a result the safety teams have different departments. Possible assignments in your position will be:

  • Safety checks and advice for production installations
  • Risk analyses
  • Advice and support with labor safety
  • Intervention service and fire prevention
  • Incident analyses
  • Giving training courses, ….


You can expect an extensive offer of training courses with a strong focus on on-the-job training by your skilled and motivated team. During the first months you will have the help of a buddy who will guide you in our company.

From this position on you can further develop in several ways by performing several tasks in Belgium or across borders.