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An internship at BASF is a unique experience. At BASF, you’re not just standing close to the action, you’re right in the middle of it. You actively take part in the daily work at BASF and you work next to our experts on the world of today and tomorrow. Looking over the shoulder of colleagues can be interesting but we believe you can do more: a real project in which you can put all of your ideas, knowledge and skills to good use. That way you’re not only doing an internship at BASF, you’re really becoming a part of our team!

If you’re a bachelor or master student in integral safety or safety sciences or engineering , you can complete an internship with the safety team of BASF Antwerpen. All our internship opportunities can be found in the job portal. With every internship also comes an internship assignment like for example process safety in the chemical industry or data mining in energy efficiency. Interested? Apply quickly for an internship at BASF!

Do you want to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? An internship at BASF is something for you then!

BASF offers you an internship where you get to know your future job. You can always count on a personal ‘coach‘ who will help and advise you. He will also regularly give you honest feedback. That is how we create an optimal environment where you can grow and discover yourself.

Our safety internships can all be found at the site of BASF Antwerpen.

You’re a bachelor or master student in integral safety, engineering or safety sciences and you are looking for a challenging internship.

You like to work in a team and are open to new experiences. You easily communicate and you approach tasks in a target oriented and innovative manner. You dare to take initiative and you’re not afraid to take responsibility.

To be able to complete an internship at BASF you must be registered at a university during your internship.

Do you want do an internship at BASF Antwerpen?

  • Go the job portal to get an overview of our open internship opportunities. 
  • You can apply by sending an e-mail to with your CV, cover letter, a top three of internship subjects and the period you would like to complete your internship.