Internships in electrical engineering and automation technology

Help to build the world of tomorrow.

An internship at BASF is a unique experience. At BASF, you’re not just standing close to the action, you’re right in the middle of it. You actively take part in the daily work at BASF and you work next to our experts on the world of today and tomorrow. Looking over the shoulder of colleagues can be interesting but we believe you can do more: a real project in which you can put all your ideas, knowledge and skills to good use. That way you’re not only doing an internship at BASF, you’re becoming a part of our team!

We have a wide choice of internships within engineering, production, safety, energy or automation: for example a project to develop a new security concept for the BASF energy network or contribute to the implementation of advanced measurement technologies at a production installation.You can find an overview of all open internships on our job portal. Be quick because the number of places is limited!

How to apply for an internship

Do you want do an internship at BASF Antwerpen?

  • Go the job portal to get an overview of our open internship offers. 
  • You can apply by sending an e-mail to with your CV, cover letter, a top three of internship subjects and the period you would like to do your internship. 
  • Do you want to know more about the content of an internship for civil engineers? Don’t forget to attend the internship fair of VTK Ghent and Leuven!

Do you want an internship at BASF Belgium Coordination Center Comm. V.?

  • Go the job portal to get an overview of our open internship opportunities or send in a speculative application. 
  • To complete your application you have to send in a cover letter where you give a short description of tasks that interest you, your availabilities and your preferred location (Waterloo, Brussels, Bornem of Ham