Internships in logistics and supply chain management

As an expert in logistics you connect BASF with the rest of the world.

An internship at BASF is a unique experience. At BASF, you’re not just standing close to the action, you’re right in the middle of it. You actively take part in the daily work at BASF and you work next to our experts on the world of today and tomorrow. Looking over the shoulder of colleagues can be interesting but we believe you can do more: a real project in which you can put all your ideas, knowledge and skills to good use. That way you’re not only doing an internship at BASF, you’re really becoming part of our team!

If you’re a bachelor or master student in logistic management or business engineering , you can do an internship at the logistics and supply chain management department of BASF Antwerpen and BASF Belgium Coordination Center Comm. V. All our internship opportunities can be found in the job portal. With every internship also comes an internship assignment, for example the analysis of a tank (in the framework of container management) or redesigning the checking process of loading systems for trucks. Interested? Apply quickly for an internship at BASF!