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BASF Lutavit® in Dog Food

All those who have a four-legged companion are unanimous: the dog is man's best friend. Loyal, intelligent, sensitive and dedicated, he is for many a full member of the family. If it is possible to share many things with your pet (a walk, a bath or a hug for example), sharing your meal is not a good idea. His needs are very different from ours. Did you know that a BASF product can help him be full of energy throughout the day?

Which BASF product is involved?

It’s the Lutavit E 50 which is a high-quality synthetic vitamin E acetate that is usually applied to a silica carrier as a 50% adsorbate.

Vitamin E is a key vitamin for nutrition and a biological anti-oxidant. It’s important for the development and support of the immune system. It helps to regulate gene-expression and enzyme activity and has its importance for neurological functions.

As an essential feed additive, Lutavit E is among others used in a variety of pet care products, including top dog food brands.

Which customer in the Benelux uses this product?

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, dog and cat food producer in The Netherlands.