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BASF Lucarotin® in Beverages

Who has not succumbed to the call of a good lemonade? This refreshing and sparkling drink with acid colors certainly accompanies our hottest summers. But a lemonade can only be orange or yellow, right? Two BASF products make this possible!

Which BASF products are involved?

Lucarotin 1% CWD/ Yellow and Lucarotin 10% CWD/ Orange, two coloring agents for beverages.

These two agents give lemonade its unique bright color.

Which customer in the Benelux uses this product?

Refresco (an independent bottler of beverages) in the Netherlands.

In which brands can this product be found?

In various Refresco Brands (Refresco sells to private labels, i.e. of discounters):

  • River Orange at Aldi
  • Freeway Orange at Lidl
  • Wicky Sport
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