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Plastic Additives in Sealants

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or have unskilled hands, we have all faced minor or big works at home. Kitchen, bathroom, terrace... the playgrounds are numerous. Have you ever installed seals to keep your credenza waterproof? Attached a shelf to the wall? And glued a coat rack hook? Then you probably have BASF at your home!

Which BASF product is involved?

It’s Tinuvin 5866, a solid light stabilizer blend containing UV absorber and components for adhesives and sealants applications. Thanks to this product, clear sealant keeps its transparency for a long time.

The end product is a clear/transparent modified Silyl Polymer sealant available in every DIY shop (Brico, Gamma, Hornbach,…). Various applications are possible (marine decking, in bathrooms, for tile adhesives,...).

Which customer in the Benelux uses this product?

Soudal, an independent producer of silicone and caulks, polyurethane-foams, and adhesives in Belgium.

In which brands can this product be found?

Soudal Fix All CRYSTAL