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Inorganic Salts in Food Applications

Petit Beurre, Boudoir, Petit Ecolier, ... these names surely evoke sweet childhood memories, tinged with sweet tastes and chocolate. Or maybe these cookies are still one of your favorite guilty pleasures? Did you know that there is certainly a touch of BASF in your gourmet breaks?

Which BASF products are involved?

Ammoniumbicarbonate (also called “ABC”) F, H, SH and N (E503ii).

Concretely, ABC decomposes during the baking process: NH4HCO3 → NH3 (Ammonia which is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen) + H2O (Water) + CO2 (Carbon dioxide). The CO2 release has a leavening effect on the dough in the oven (which is which is very valuable in the field of pastry).

A secondary effect of the ABC’s decomposition is the adjustment of pH (the correction of the acidity of the water).

You can find all these BASF products in dry biscuits and crackers.

Which customer in the Benelux uses these products?

Mondelez Belgium Biscuits Production NV, a biscuits factory in Belgium.

In which brands can you find this product?