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Pigments and Plastic Additives in Artificial Grass

Well known for covering football fields, artificial grass has other applications such as residential or ornamental ones. Its attractions are numerous: it is easy to install, economical, requiring little (or no) maintenance and usable outdoors as well as indoors. It allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of greenery, during summer and winter times. If you have ever walked on synthetic grass, whether this was part of a sporting event or in a friend's gardens, you may have encountered BASF products.

Which BASF products are involved?

It’s the Chimassorb 944, Chimassorb 2020 and Tinuvin 770 which are three light stabilizers. And the Heliogen Green K8730 which is an organic pigment.

BASF provides the green pigment (Heliogen Green K8730) as well as additives that contribute to ensure the synthetic grass meets various performance characteristics and the required quality.

Also, the light stabilizers (above-mentioned) significantly increase the life time up to 8-10 years of the final product as they protect the polymer against polymer degradation.

There are used in artificial grass (landscape and sports usage).

Which customer in the Benelux uses these products?

TenCate, a manufacturer of industrial geosynthetics and geotextiles in the Netherlands.

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