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BASF Resins & Effect Pigments in Nail Polish

Everyone knows (and especially the most “coquettes” of us): nails gnawed, scaly varnish or unmaintained hands are the worst effect. The expression "Beautiful down to your fingertips" confirms it. If nail polish is not an obligatory step, you will agree that it adds a fun and colorful touch to our manicures. If you have already worn nail polish, it is likely that you put a little bit of BASF on your nails.

Which BASF products are involved?

It’s BASF’s resins and effect pigments.

Resins (water and solvent based) help to bind the ingredients, improve the adhesion onto the nails and bring resistance to water, cleaning agents, scratching, etc.

Effect pigments improve color and sparkle and provide special effects like pearlescent or color changing.

They are the perfect ingredients for nail polishes for the cosmetic industry.

Which customer in the Benelux uses these products?

International Lacquers, manufacturer and subcontractor of nail polishes and nail care products in Luxemburg. IL Cosmetics produces 240,000,000 units of nails polishes per year.

Sales are under BTC.

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