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BASF Belgium
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The 2000s: continued expansion and collaboration with partners

2015 | BASF prepares to invest heavily in groundbreaking technology for superabsorbent polymers. The plant in Antwerp is the first one to be expanded and modified for manufacturing this innovative product SAVIVATM.

2014 |  BASF celebrates its 50e anniversary in Antwerp with its (former) employees, neighbors and other stakeholders. BASF enters into a project with the City of Antwerp, "Elements for Talents". In this project the company commits to providing substantive and financial support for various training and education projects for youth during the next few years.

2012 | BASF decides to build an extraction facility for butadiene at the Antwerp site.

2011 | BASF sells its fertilizer activities to the Russian fertilizer manufacturer EuroChem. The European Commission gives BASF and INEOS the green light for the formation of the joint venture Styrolution. The Antwerp facilities that manufacture and ship styrenics are included in this joint venture. BASF will sell its shares to INEOS in 2014.

2009 | In March BASF begins operating a new terminal for inland shipping. That same month, the company begins construction on a multimodal road/railway terminal in collaboration with the Swiss train operator Hupac and Inter Ferry Boats (IFB), a subsidiary of the NMBS.

2006 | BASF invests € 1 billion in the Antwerp site. The program starts in 2006 and is completed in 2008.

1999 |  Solvay and BASF merge their PVC and PVDC activities in the joint venture Solvin GmbH und Co. KG (75% Solvay N.V. Brussels, 25% BASF-owned).

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