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Overview of the BASF site in Antwerp, Belgium

BASF Antwerpen NV
Scheldelaan 600
Haven 725
2040 Antwerpen

Tip: It is hard to navigate in the port of Antwerp. We recommend not to follow the instructions of your gps. Follow our directions instead. You can download them below.

To enter the site you must get registered at the reception desk at gate 3 or gate 6. Please mind that you must present a valid passport or identity card. Visitors who only visit the conference centre of E-paviljoen, don't need to get registered.

Gate 1

Access to: site (general access)
Access for: personnel, vehicles with a permit to drive in
Opening hours week:
5:15-9:30, 12:00-18:00, 21:15-22:30
Opening hours weekend: 5:15-6:30, 13:15-14:30, 21:15-22:30
Tel: +32 3 561 25 99
Parking: personnel parking

Gate 3

Access to: main building, medical department
Access for: visitors, applicants, personnel of buildings B510 and B520
Opening hours: 7:15-17:45 (only on working days)
Tel: +32 3 561 23 00
Parking: visitors parking (app. 30 places)

Gate 6

Access to: site (general access), weigh bridge, procurement department
Access for: personnel, visitors, contractors, carriers, vehicles with a permit to drive in
Opening hours: 24/7
Tel: +32 3 561 30 99
Parking: visitors parking (app. 20 places), truck parking, personnel parking, parking area across Scheldelaan

Gate 7

Access to: delivery point for technical materials
Access for: suppliers
Opening hours: 8:15-11:45, 12:45-16:00 (working days)
Parking: only delivery

Conference centre

The BASF Conference Centre is located near gate 6. See situation plan below.
Opening hours: only during activities
Tel: +32 3 561 40 40
Parking: visitors parking (app. 20 places)


Training and meeting centre 'E-Paviljoen' is located near gate 6 across the road (Scheldelaan). See situation plan below.
Opening hours: only during activities
Tel: +32 3 561 27 95
Parking: visitors parking (app. 10 places)
Situation plan gate 6 area

BASF receives about 2,000 visitors a year at its site in Antwerp. The majority are students.  

School groups

We welcome school groups from high schools, technical colleges and universities. We give priority to programs that are in line with the job opportunities at BASF.

Other groups

We regularly welcome professional associations or local clubs. Unfortunately, due to the great demand we are not able to grant every request.
BASF Antwerpen N.V.
Haven 725 - Scheldelaan 600 - 2040 Antwerpen - Belgium