BASF Antwerp


BASF Antwerpen is the largest integrated chemical production site in Belgium and the second largest BASF group production site in the world.

The site contains fifty production facilities. The BASF Antwerpen product range comprises base and speciality chemicals, synthetics and primary products, refining products and inorganic chemicals.

BASF Antwerpen products go on to be utilized in virtually all processing sectors, such as the automotive industry, the construction sector, paper and leather manufacturing, sports equipment, as well as the textile, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Safe and sustainable production

At the BASF Antwerpen production site, safety is without doubt top priority. Employees, partners, contractors, visitors ... BASF includes everyone in its safety policy. Also, ever since its pioneering years, it has been the aim at BASF Antwerpen to find the balance between economic, ecologic and social needs to ensure a more sustainable development.