BASF Antwerp


BASF Antwerpen is perfectly located in the logistic heart of Europe. The proximity of water, roads, railways and pipelines is an enormous advantage, which was one of the reasons the BASF group decided to invest in Antwerp in the early 60s.

Our location at this logistic hub enables us to provide transport to and from the site as sustainable as possible. BASF uses various modes of transportation:

  • The flow of goods is divided between various modes of transportation: road transport, train, ship or pipeline. Most of the transport to and from our site is done by ship and via pipeline.
  • In order to switch more goods from the road to the railway, we worked with two partners to construct a combined terminal road/railway. Thanks to Combinant we are taking 150.000 trucks per year off the road. This means a 10km-reduction in traffic jams each day or 30.000-reduction in CO2 a year.
  • Freights are bundled by region as much as possible. We always opt for the shortest route to the destination.
  • In Antwerp we don't just coordinate the transport to and from our own site, but also for six other BASF sites and 40 external loading locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
Figure: distribution of goods at BASF Antwerpen in 2017