BASF Antwerp


At the BASF Antwerpen production site, safety is without doubt top priority. Employees, partners, contractors, visitors ... BASF includes everyone in its safety policy.

Preventing accidents is our main priority. There are five things we keep in mind to ensure continuous improvement.

  1. Number one is process safety. We must be able to operate, stop and start our production facilities without any errors.
  2. We pay close attention to risk and incident analyses. Every task is thoroughly prepared and analyzed in advance.
  3. Every single day we promote a culture of safety. Leadership, rewards, positive correction and appropriate sanctions ensure that safety is a daily reality.
  4. We involve our partners and contractors. We conduct audits of the allocation of contracts, provide assistance at the start of the works and involve them in our safety campaigns.
  5. We evaluate our safety performance on the basis of the SPI, the Safety Performance Index. This set of indicators enables us to evaluate our safety policy in a broader context than just based incident statistics alone.
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The intervention service is on the spot within 2 minutes

The emphasis is on the prevention of incidents. If an incident does occur, the response must be as fast and efficiently as possible, using people with the right training and education and with the best tools. Our intervention service meets all these requirements. It also makes its knowledge and equipment available to public emergency services upon request.


Safety does not end at the gate

Traffic safety is very important to us. On average, 1 in 200 employees a year is involved in an accident while driving to or from work. We promote traffic safety by means of awareness and information campaigns. We also encourage our employees to use the BASF bus to commute to work. Our incidence numbers show that this is still the safest way to commute to work.